Daniel Ludwig

Hi my name is Daniel, in 2007 I had a  life changing experience. Following the death of two family members within a very short space of time, I had not only lost most of my family but I also lost all of my belongings– including my home — because of financial difficulties. As I was travelling on the train with no place to go, feeling miserable and barely paying attention to my surroundings, a kind lady must have seen how despondent I was and asked me what was wrong. I told her what had happened. In an extraordinary act of kindness, she invited me stay in her home until  I found a permanent address.

It was at this time that I discovered even more running. Running was a way for me to escape from the stress of not having my own home — running cleared my head, leaving more space for new and positive ideas, and rebuilt my confidence.

After struggling for three months, I decided to take my faith in my hands and move to London where I was later offered an amazing job which eventually took me to New York City for half a year. When I was living in New York would go for an early morning run almost every day. My running route would take me across the Williamsburg Bridge; at the foot of the bridge I’d routinely encounter the same homeless man – some days we’d would exchange hellos. I’d then run through the Lower East side in Manhattan, passing through cramped streets with public housing blocks and boutique hotels sitting side-by-side. On my way back into Brooklyn I would pass other keen runners; most would follow the same route and witness the same scenes as me .

Seeing this everyday made me realize how fortunate I  was. I loved running but was fed up with running just for the sake of it — I wanted to combine my passion for running with helping others. – Young people. I wanted to build a movement by bringing people together to support important causes through running. This would be different from large and anonymous running events that happen once a year — this would empower runners all over the world to be able to support to fund social projects such as a school world wide– not as individuals, but as a community.

In 2013 I came up with the idea for Crowdrunning — a social enterprise that would inspire a global community to run in support of causes at local running groups and pop-up running events.