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The diary of a resistant runner

By Christel Price The alarm goes off, but I don’t have to get up. Free will is my friend. I hit the snooze button and go back to dreaming in a world where I didn’t sign up to run 42 kilometers in a foreign country. A world where exercise doesn’t exist. I have a... read more

I run for World Vision in Malaysia

  Kent Ong, Founder of Inspire University and Inspire Magazine, recently ran a marathon in support of World Vision Malaysia. He was inspired by Crowdrunning’s vision and got in touch with us from his home in Malaysia. He kindly shared his story with Crowdrunning. Q.... read more

Why I was running the Beirut Marathon for Peace

I always wanted to find a way to unite my passion for running with helping others. Earlier this year I came up with the idea for a social enterprise called Crowdrunning that will connect  people all over the world to run together in support of charities and grassroots... read more