How can we raise awareness of social problems locally for global impact through sport? What are the tools to discover local problems and build solutions for tomorrow’s problems?

At Crowdrunning we are keen to raise awareness of social projects through sport. It`s even more important to take action and start developing ideas and projects tackling social problems in your city. We decided to start our Crowdrunning Lab to offer innovation workshops together with our partners which are designed to find solutions for tomorrow social problems with the power of the companies employees and skill set. We call it “SocialStartup” and train and educate, advise and consult to prepare your employees, entrepreneurs or people keen to work in the social sector or startups to create tactics, solutions and hands-on experiences your team can use immediately. These workshops are for people

  • new to social enterprise and/or
  • looking for co-founders
  • already running a startup
  • already running a social project
  • responsible for a social project in a large company
  • non-profit employee


Social Startup Workshop Day 1

Berlin 10th October 2015

This workshop is designed for Entrepreneurs, Social Innovators, Lean Business Designers, Marketers  other Visionaries charged with bringing bold new ideas to life for local social problems. In this workshop you will learn how to

  • apply local data to discover social problem in your city
  • use problem validation via Lean Design Methods
  • develop prototypes together with customer discovery
  • work with business canvas design for your social projects


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Social Startup Workshop Day 2

Berlin 11th October 2015

Our Vision is to build work places where everyone’s opinion counts. A place where we learn from our mistakes and turn them into knowledge. A place where personality unfolds and we work together for a common goal, to make a difference, one run at a time. In this workshop you will learn how to

  • find the right team members
  • build trust in your team
  • merge purpose with team spirit
  • use Management 3.0 Moving Motivators


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