We work together with the leading road races around the world to fund social projects globally that focus on poverty and education within communities to bring about employment and social change.

Projects could be

Building a School

Fund teacher training programs

Future Projects

How future projects support the UN Millennium Development Goals

As a new initiative, the MDGs were defined for audiences worldwide as a set of goals focused on a singular objective: the “global anti-poverty goals.” Important for us are the Millennium Development Goals (MDG`s) and soon coming Sustainable Development Goals (SDG`s) to contribute collectively one run at a time.



We fund social projects globally that focus on poverty and education within communities to bring about employment and social change.

We document the journey of the projects through film making.

You get to see how your money and runs changed the individual lives of the community.


Participants, volunteers and coaches acquire transferable life skills which increase their employability

Vulnerable individuals are connected to community services and supports through sport-based outreach programs

Sport programs and sport equipment production provide jobs and skills development

Sport can help prevent diseases that impede people from working and impose health care costs on individuals and communities

Sport can help reduce stigma and increase self-esteem, self-confidence and social skills, leading to increased employability


School sport programs motivate children to enroll in and attend school and can help improve academic achievement

Sport-based community education programs provide alternative education opportunities for chil- dren who cannot attend school

Sport can help erode stigma preventing children with disabilities from attending school


Sport for Development and Peace efforts catalyze global partnerships and increase networking among governments, donors, NGOs and sport organizations worldwide

Make a Difference with your Organisation

We are keen to work with the leading race organisers around the world to bring change to their country and to work with local field partners with many years of experience in the field sustainable education projects. Get in touch if you can see that your business can offer these opportunities in your city.

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